Firstly, we’re not really techies at FullFlap.TV so we don’t know enough to give a proper support service but we have had several reports of this problem recently and we’ve managed to solve it each time with the following solution.


Problem:- When you load up FullFlap.TV you get an image like this. With a symbol in the corner.

It seems to be a problem with Adobe Flash. This is what has worked every time so far.



Uninstall Adobe Flash:- Click on this link to adobe’s official website.

And follow the instructions to download the “Flash removal tool”.

Once you have downloaded it, you need to shut all your browsers and then run the tool which takes a few seconds to process. It seems to clean up registry messes and bad installations from the past.

Once this is complete.

Go  to and reinstall Flash Player 10 or just do a Google search for Adobe Flash.

And that is it! In fact as well as repairing FullFlap.TV and returning it to it’s former glory it should help your overall web experience.


PLEASE NOTE: We are not IT geeks, support people or experts on this. This solution worked for us but it may not work for you. We can make no guarantees at all that this suggestion will be suitable for your computer. It may even lead to more problems. It has worked for us perfectly several times and so we are just passing it on.