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Update 14 Oct 2010:-  It’s a year since our last show and the emails just keep coming. Thank you!  If you are new to this site, then you won’t know that we had to quit the show last year due to a lack of funds. We’ve always said we would return if we can make something that is truly “FullFlap.TV”. FullFlap.TV clearly went far beyond just an online TV show. It reached experienced pilots, trainee pilots and future pilots across the world and said, “flying remains the greatest adventure on earth and YOU can be a part of it”. So, if you know a TV company or a rich person who’d like to fund it, we’ll be back next week! :) .................The FullFlap.TV Team

“A quarter of a million views since we started less than a year ago. Thank You!”

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Aquila! How do you say it? But no doubt’s about the plane

AeroExpo London Sunday

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AeroExpo London and Vicki is on the look out for something to learn in. Frank has an idea and invites her into his aircraft. Why are we not hearing more about the Aquila?

Some products do an amazing job but frankly are boring to talk about on film. So it took the combined er...brain power of Rick and Rob to find a way to test these aircraft covers. But someone got very wet.

He’s done everything in Aerobatics now Walter Extra designs a biz prop aircraft and he’ll have one for us by Christmas. Now where did I leave that stash of cash.....I’m sure it was here somewhere....

They said it was waterproof. It was, but only for one of us.

AeroExpo London Saturday

There is just something about it. We couldn’t walk past.

AeroExpo Prague  3 of 13

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